Buying our product supports local farmers and a future generation of farmers learn the land.


We are fortunate to offer our TN Sourwood and wildflower honey in 1.5 lbs. pints and 3lbs. quarts. 5 gal buckets limited supply.

Honey Hive Rentals

Rent a hive we do all the work and you get 40-60lbs of honey plus the pollinators

New to bee's? Set-up and install

We will service up to 100 miles away with installs and Hive conversions for Layens Hive or Langstroth hives or Nuc installs or Intro for beginners and their bees.

Joys of Bee keeping and trouble shooting

Need a seasoned pair of eye to Identify what is not working and provide solutions give us a call

VSH-Italian Bees

Self grooming traits and better Varroa Mite resistance.

Layens Nucs

Looking for Layens Nucs we support the Layens hive and cold weather bee keeping.

Langstroth Nucs

We sell 5 frame nucs with ether mated or virgin queens in the spring only. taking orders for spring 2024

Russian Bees

Original stock was from an RHBA (Russian Honeybee Breeder's Association) only 12 producers in the world.Better for colder climates than Italian bees.

Swarm Removal

We can help you remove or we can do all the work and remove and recover swarms in trees and old buildings. Time sensitive request.

Bees wax candles

burn clean and bright bees wax candles and smell and see the difference.

Sarah P's Lip balm & hand salve

Try our lip balm made with virgin coconut oils and fresh bees wax. Our hand salve is great in the winter.

Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis one of the strongest natural anti  Viral / Bacterial substances know since the medieval ages.

A day with the Bees..


Join us for a fun light day of learning and interacting with our bees.

Basics with the bees


Join us for Basic bee care and open hives to learn what how to work with bees.  6 days of training. * Check schedule for availability

What primary services do you offer?

Pollination and Honey production

What do you specialize in?

Cold climate beekeeping

What are other services you provide?

We help local homesteaders and farms either start keeping bees or partner with them in our Honey Hives program to expand the knowledge of beekeeping and the need for pollinators.

Is Tennessee a great place to raise bees?

Yes, Its a great place to keep bees and the hills and valleys offer great forage and flavors for our honey.